11Paranoias – Reliquary for a Dreamed of World (Review)

11 ParanoiasThis is the third album from 11Paranoias, a UK sludge/doom band.

The album cover alone makes me feel paranoid, not to mention confused and slightly panicked, and this is before I’ve even pressed play. Continue reading “11Paranoias – Reliquary for a Dreamed of World (Review)”

Black Tomb – Black Tomb (Review)

Black TombBlack Tomb are a sludge/doom band from the US. This is their debut album.

Black Tomb appear to have congealed out of some dank, dark tar pit with the express purpose of creating bleak, filthy doom metal.

Think of Electric Wizard if they were a Continue reading “Black Tomb – Black Tomb (Review)”

Limbs Bin – Bliss Tech (Review)

Limbs BinLimbs Bin is a one-man US grindcore/noise band. This is his second album.

Okay, well, this is gloriously fucked up. In under five minutes Bliss Tech reveals itself to be a chaotic and anarchic blend of powerviolence, electronics and digital hardcore. Continue reading “Limbs Bin – Bliss Tech (Review)”

Pighead – Until All Flesh Decays (Review)

PigheadThis is the third album from Pighead, a death metal band from Germany.

Featuring members of Intravenous Contamination, this is brutal death metal that somewhat combines the USDM style, (Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, Dying Fetus), with a touch of an Aborted flavour in places. It’s brutal, it slams, and it’s a jolly good listen. Continue reading “Pighead – Until All Flesh Decays (Review)”

Ion Dissonance – Cast the First Stone (Review)

Ion DissonanceIon Dissonance are a Canadian hardcore/mathcore band. This is their fifth album.

As one of the leading lights in the hardcore/mathcore/whatever scene, Ion Dissonance’s new album certainly has a lot of expectations attached to it. Of course, as you would expect, the band Continue reading “Ion Dissonance – Cast the First Stone (Review)”

Interview with Waldgeflüster

Waldgeflüster Header

Waldgeflüster’s fourth full-length release Ruinen is an atmospheric post-black metal album that just keeps on delivering the goods. As with a lot of the best albums, the more you listen to it the more you get drawn into it. It’s a lengthy release, but one that earns its playing time by having so much engaging content. Ruinen invites the listener into its dark depths and only fully reveals its many treasures with repeated spins.

Band founder Winterherz walked me through how the band started and where they’re at today…

Introduce us to Waldgeflüster!

Continue reading “Interview with Waldgeflüster”

Ovnev – Cycle of Survival (Review)

OvnevThis is the debut album of Ovnev, a one-man atmospheric black metal band from the US.

Featuring atmospheric black metal with a nature theme and plenty of use of acoustic guitars, Ovnev’s debut album is confident and assured from the start.

Cycle of Survival is filled with Continue reading “Ovnev – Cycle of Survival (Review)”