Limbs Bin – Bliss Tech (Review)

Limbs BinLimbs Bin is a one-man US grindcore/noise band. This is his second album.

Okay, well, this is gloriously fucked up. In under five minutes Bliss Tech reveals itself to be a chaotic and anarchic blend of powerviolence, electronics and digital hardcore.

Consisting basically of naked electronic aggression and inhuman yelling, these tracks are the aural equivalent of an urban technological nightmare birthing itself with violence and sinister intent.

There’s a constant feeling of tension and misanthropic unease throughout the playing time, occasionally punctuated by distortion-riddled yells that scream of something distinctly non-human struggling to be brought into the world and wreak havoc on our fragile societies.

This is the sound of Bliss Tech. It’s not for everyone, but it makes itself known with furious conviction and demands to be heard. It’s a sign of the times, and I suspect it’s already too late and we’re all doomed.

Ah well. Better kick back to this five minute warning of the apocalypse then.

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