Mesarthim – .- -… … . -. -.-. . (Review)

MesarthimThis is the second album by Mesarthim, an Australian atmospheric black metal band.

Mesarthim create cosmic-themed black metal that’s spacious and rich in atmospheric attack.

This is a very striking release. The album layers cosmic Continue reading “Mesarthim – .- -… … . -. -.-. . (Review)”

Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis (Review)

UlcerateUlcerate are a death metal band from New Zealand and this is their fifth album.

Ulcerate personify atypical progressive/technical death metal. They incorporate enough other styles and influences to be termed post-death metal in some respects, although they still have the requisite amount of aggression Continue reading “Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis (Review)”

Hammerfall – Built to Last (Review)

HammerfallHammerfall are a Swedish heavy/power metal band and this is their tenth album.

Since forming in 1993 and developing into one of the bigger names in heavy/power metal, the title of their tenth album is quite aptly named.

It pleases me that the first song starts right into the action, rather than having any faffing around. It’s a small thing really, but it immediately endears me to the music. Continue reading “Hammerfall – Built to Last (Review)”

Year of the Cobra – …in the Shadows Below (Review)

Year of the CobraYear of the Cobra are a US doom metal band. This is their debut album.

Here we find just drums, bass and vocals, but what a combination. Just a duo, the band nonetheless have a large presence with the near 44 minutes of music on …in the Shadows Below. Continue reading “Year of the Cobra – …in the Shadows Below (Review)”

Headless Kross – Projections 1 (Review)

Headless KrossHeadless Kross are a doom band from the UK.

Headless Kross don’t play nice music. They do, however, play heavy music, and this is what we like.

The vocals are unhinged screams. They seem Continue reading “Headless Kross – Projections 1 (Review)”

Arkona – Lunaris (Review)

ArkonaHailing from Poland, Arkona are a veteran black metal band and this is their sixth album.

Lunaris boasts 48 minutes of the kind of second wave black metal that would be right at home had it actually been released in the 90s, probably about the time that Arkona actually formed.

This is an album based on the classic black metal template of the time, forged through experience and the hands of people that have been doing this long enough to know how to write good black metal. And it is very, very good.

Blackened riffs of frosted hate seep Continue reading “Arkona – Lunaris (Review)”