Pighead – Until All Flesh Decays (Review)

PigheadThis is the third album from Pighead, a death metal band from Germany.

Featuring members of Intravenous Contamination, this is brutal death metal that somewhat combines the USDM style, (Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, Dying Fetus), with a touch of an Aborted flavour in places. It’s brutal, it slams, and it’s a jolly good listen.

Huge crushing riffs and ferocious blasts trade off against each other in an effort to see who can cause the most damage. The band play a tight delivery and the tracks hit the spot more often than not.

The songs are very enjoyable, striking a good balance between fast, mid-paced and outright crushingly slow.

The singer has a satisfyingly deep growl that I really like. His voice is guttural and extreme, perfectly suited to the style at hand.

I like the recording too; their sound is heavy and thick with a nice organic feel to it. You can almost imagine the blood running freely down the side of the sinuous music, if such a thing was possible.

Three albums in and it’s clear that Pighead know what they’re doing. Until All Flesh Decays is an enjoyable feast of bloody carnage.

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