Utburd – The Horrors Untold (Review)

UtburdUtburd is a one man Russian black metal band and this is his second album.

Combining elements of both atmospheric and depressive black metal alongside a second wave base, this release explores the dark horrors that lurk in the night. Continue reading “Utburd – The Horrors Untold (Review)”

At Dusk/Sacerdos – Split (Review)

At Dusk SacerdosAt Dusk and Sacerdos are both black metal bands from the US, with At Dusk being a one-man entity and Sacerdos being a duo.

At Dusk’s contribution to this release is one 15 minute song named Condemned. Continue reading “At Dusk/Sacerdos – Split (Review)”

Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light (Review)

Locust LeavesLocust Leaves are a Greek avant-garde/progressive black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is black metal that embraces classic, thrash and progressive metal in its search for a perfect form of artistic expression. Continue reading “Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light (Review)”

Abbey ov Thelema – Liber DCLXVI (Review)

Abbey ov ThelemaAbbey ov Thelema are from Slovakia and this is their second album.

They play experimental, avant garde Black Metal. Highly orchestrated and complex, this is ambitious and bold as only the best Black Metal can be. Although saying that, Black Metal may be the underpinning starting point but it’s mutated and morphed far from it’s original format.

The tracks can be both chaotic and coherent; energetic and subdued; eclectic and considered. Sometimes it sounds as if The Dillinger Escape Plan had been consumed by Ebony Lake with Arcturus and Dødheimsgard overseeing proceedings.

There is clearly a lot of high class musicianship at play here, with everything arranged to exacting standards to create a whirling maelstrom of conflicting soundscapes that approach like furious waves and lash at the listener, never letting them rest or prepare for what comes next; the moment one onslaught of musical might crashes by the next tsunami of sound is about to hit.

It’s not all about the, (barely), controlled chaos of course, they also have calmer moments. These lulls act like buffers between the oncoming storms that they irregularly unleash.

This is not a band that will appeal to lovers of standard song structures and musical rules, but people who are looking for something a bit more adventurous should definitely check this out.

Ultimately this is a very hard album to describe as mere words don’t adequately do it justice. Abbey ov Thelema create a sort of demented majesty that really needs to be heard to fully appreciate what they’re about.

So strap yourself in, don the safety goggles, brace yourself and play at top volume.