Dormant Ordeal – The Grand Scheme of Things (Review)

Dormant Ordeal - The Grand Scheme of ThingsThis is the third album from Polish death metallers Dormant Ordeal.

Now here’s something pretty tasty. I haven’t encountered Dormant Ordeal before, but The Grand Scheme of Things is impressive enough to make me wish I had. Across 39 minutes the band absolutely punish the listener with their idiosyncratic and exemplary take on death metal mastery.

In simple terms the band mix technical and dissonant death metal elements together, but the reality is that they do so in beguiling and winning ways. The music is intense and brutal, yet carries with it an atmospheric and melodic presence that’s deeper than what your average death metal act is normally capable of.

Dormant Ordeal have a knack for selecting and deploying military-grade riffs. These are tastefully surrounded by intimate melodies, creative dissonance, and purposeful complexity. The technical abilities of the band are withering, but never used at the expense of the song. The band are skilled at gathering the music’s elements together and crafting them into songs that may be blisteringly brutal, but also have heart and a surprisingly emotive punch.

The Grand Scheme of Things is an intelligent beating that you might not recover from. The band’s clear expertise has been well-used on their latest release, and Dormant Ordeal have unleashed a compelling and crushing album.

Very highly recommended.

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