Elegis – Kultus (Review)

Elegis - KultusElegis are a Polish death metal band and this is their second album.

This is the follow up to 2017’s Superhuman Syndrome, and whereas that album was a solo affair, this new one finds Elegis expanded to a three-piece.

Taking influence from bands like Behemoth and Hate, Kultus contains 43 minutes of blackened death metal that wears its influences on its sleeves, but also does them justice throughout its running time.

The album’s dark aggression is enhanced with orchestral grandeur and symphonic atmosphere, despite the brutality that sits at the core of what the band do. These adornments layer the music, adding real value, rather than simply being filler ornamentation. The symphonic touches add an extra veneer of depth to the band’s music, and the songwriting ties everything together nicely.

This is a professional display of well-recorded, muscular, blackened death metal. The songs are precisely performed by musicians that obviously know what they’re doing. It’s clear that the band have learned their lessons well from studying the masters of the style, and this due diligence has paid off. If you’re a fan of Poland’s stylistic take on extreme metal then there’s a lot to enjoy here.

Elegis’ take on the Polish death metal sound is an enjoyable and well-delivered one.

Check this out.

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