Elegis – Superhuman Syndrome (Review)

ElegisThis is the debut album from Elegis, a one-man death metal project from Norway.

The vocalist has a snarled daemonic growl that’s full of presence and commanding power.

Heavy and brutal, but with nuance of composition, the death metal on Superhuman Syndrome takes after Behemoth in the sense that it borrows from black metal’s dark side to infuse the songs with a sense of occult mystery and terrible grandeur.

Keyboards and other orchestration and instrumentation add emotive layers to the brutality of the music, helping to create deeper atmosphere and to draw the listener further into the world of Elegis. I especially love the use of the malevolent sounding horns.

You can tell that the songs have had a fair bit of thought going into them. The artist restrains himself admirably from fully giving vent to his feral side, adding atmosphere, mood, pace, dynamics and rhythmic depth into the songs.

The recording is nice and beefy, with the drums especially having high impact.

This is an enjoyable and satisfying slab of occult, majestic death metal. Make sure you give this a listen, and when you do, play it at full volume.

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