Venom Prison – Animus (Review)

Venom PrisonVenom Prison are a UK death metal band and this is their debut album.

Mixing heavy death metal with a whiff of the hardcore good stuff, Venom Prison are an aggressive and nasty piece of work.

The band seem to have quite a few strings to their bow. We mainly get high-energy brutality, powered along with an undercurrent of the hardcore influence and a love of classic death metal. However, they also have parts of their songs which are slow and brooding, colourfully melodic, darkly atmospheric, bleakly emotive or grindingly brutal. The entire album is only 34 minutes long, but they manage to pack a lot in.

The song lengths vary quite a bit, depending on what the band are trying to convey. I love how you can be listening to a sickening Morbid Angel-esque riff that suddenly changes to blasting hardcore fury before locking into a huge chugging groove. Venom Prison seem to know their stuff.

To complement music such as this you need a quality recording and a good vocalist, and Venom Prison have both. The recording allows the band to take full advantage of their natural heaviness, while the singer has such a venomous, (ahem), bark that she sounds utterly savage. She definitely has a great voice for extreme metal.

This is a very impressive debut album. It manages to successfully combine the instant-appeal of heavy, extreme death metal with the crushing impact of colossal groove and the fiery passion of dark hardcore. More than that though, the songs are well-written enough to keep the listener returning to them over and over again.

Highly recommended.

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