Interview with Visigoth

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Visigoth are without doubt, (in my humble opinion at least), one of the best of the current crop of traditional heavy metal bands. They have all of the requisite aspects and elements that make a great heavy metal band, and all of this has been realised in the band’s latest album Conqueror’s Oath. If you haven’t yet checked it out then do so immediately!

I had the great pleasure to ask the band’s guitarist Leeland Campana a few questions, so let’s get to know Visigoth and their latest album a bit more… Continue reading


Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath (Review)

VisigothConqueror’s Oath is the second album from US heavy metallers Visigoth.

Visioth play tried and tested traditional heavy metal, full of classic riffs and meaty metal. Hell yeah! Continue reading