The Necromancers – Where the Void Rose (Review)

The Necromancers - Where the Void RoseThis is the third album from The Necromancers, a French heavy metal/rock band.

Playing a mix of classic heavy metal and occult rock, The Necromancers impress over 38 minutes with their charismatic and compelling take on an old-school style. Continue reading “The Necromancers – Where the Void Rose (Review)”

Grand Magus – Sword Songs (Review)

Grand MagusThis is the eighth album from this Swedish heavy metal institution.

How’s that for an album cover, eh? It certainly paints a pretty picture of what the album¬†sounds like.

For twenty years Grand Magus have been blaring out their brand of heavy metal in one form or another, and they¬† Continue reading “Grand Magus – Sword Songs (Review)”