Gatekeeper – From Western Shores (Review)

Gatekeeper - From Western ShoresThis is the second album from US heavy metal band Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper play epic heavy metal, and they do this with passion and skill. From Western Shores contains 49 minutes of classic-feeling material from a band that clearly know what they’re doing with this old-school style.

From Western Shores boasts eight tracks packed with catchy songs and true metal riffs. Stirring and epic, the songs are well-written and moreish. They’re the sort that simply grow in stature and enjoyment over time, as their hooks sink deeply into your brain. The singer – typically the weak link in this sort of style – has a good voice and carries emotion and power well. He provides a suitable focal point for the music and his voice suits the material perfectly.

Each track here feels very genuine and authentic, and the music’s character shines through. A range of influences can be heard throughout, everything from the galloping energy of Iron Maiden, to the epic doom of Atlantean Kodex, to the rocking heart of Savatage, and more. It’s all wrapped up in Gatekeeper’s own shining personality, and delivered with catchiness and verve. Ultimately, no matter what’s going on at any given point on the album’s journey, the strong songwriting and performances make for a sterling set of tunes, and From Western Shores is an easy album to listen to.

An album of good songs and classic character, From Western Shores is sure to appeal to any fan of classic epic heavy metal. If you like acts like Eternal Champion, Smoulder, Megaton Sword, Visigoth, Grand Magus, Judicator, Blind Guardian, and the like, then this is very much for you.

Very highly recommended.


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