Throne of Iron – Adventure One (Review)

Throne of Iron - Adventure OneThis is the debut album from US heavy metal band Throne of Iron.

“Highly recommended for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Eternal Champion, Visigoth and Manilla Road!”, states the promo blurb, and it’s hard to disagree. Adventure One provides 42 minutes of classic metal escapism and fun, and I like what Throne of Iron are peddling.

There’s not much polish here, but this sort of music is quite comfortable in underground basements. Raw and passionate, the band’s delivery is clearly something they feel strongly about. Modern aspects can be heard occasionally, as can occasional elements of other styles, (dungeon synth, minor hints of black metal), but for the most part we’re in for an old-school epic heavy metal ride.

Melody is used well, and there are plenty of tasty, kicking riffs to be found. The music is well-written, and overall the songs are catchy and have plenty of hooks. The band know a good chorus when they hear one too, and while the singer’s classic metal voice is rough and earthy, it’s capable of delivering the goods for something like this.

Adventure One is a solid, fun album of true metal. Let it take you on an adventure, and come back with more metallic experience points than ever.

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