Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath (Review)

VisigothConqueror’s Oath is the second album from US heavy metallers Visigoth.

Visioth play tried and tested traditional heavy metal, full of classic riffs and meaty metal. Hell yeah!

The songs are rousing and loaded with epic choruses. There’s many catchy and memorable moments, and you can easily imagine the band striding proudly on stage and belting out these metal anthems with confidence and pride. This is a band that are obviously steeped in heavy metal lore; they have a clear love for the style and a deep knowledge of all things metal, and this comes through strongly on Conqueror’s Oath. The artwork alone should tell you a lot about the album’s content.

The music has been sharpened to a keen metallic edge, with the guitar solos in particular being quite penetrating. The riffs in general take you back to a time when heavy metal was still quite young, and this entire release is pretty damn old-school. Having said that, however, it still manages to sound relatively fresh and vibrant, such is the quality of Visigoth’s delivery and performance.

Although there are aspects of power metal on this release, it’s ultimately a classic heavy metal record. The focus is on the songs, and the eight tracks that constitute this album are well-written and mostly do exactly what you’d want pure heavy metal songs to do.

With a talented singer who matches the quality of the rest of the band in all areas of his performance, Conqueror’s Oath is a well-rounded and highly enjoyable album with many standout moments.

For anyone into this style of metal Conqueror’s Oath is an exercise in sheer joy and enthusiasm. It revels in what it does, and has a deep love and respect for the sanctity of heavy metal’s inherent worth.

Highly recommended.

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