Khemmis – Deceiver (Review)

Khemmis - DeceiverKhemmis are a doom metal band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Khemmis are a great band, it’s as simple as that. Across three very well-received albums, (AbsolutionHunted, and Desolation), they have established themselves as modern doom metal heavyweights extraordinaire. On Deceiver Khemmis have continued their trend of high quality releases, and it’s one not be missed.

If you’re a fan of Khemmis then you’ll know that their mix of traditional doom metal with more modern elements creates a strikingly contemporary style. This manifests on Deceiver as a very moreish and infectious collection of six songs that find the band in fine form.

Deceiver pares back some of the more heavy metal elements that increasingly found their way into Desolation, and instead ups the amount of emotive doom in the band’s sound. Never a one-dimensional beast, Khemmis still dabble in heavy metal of course, as well as pinches of death metal, hard rock, and psychedelia, among others.

Dark and brooding, but with moments of energetic colour and crushing heaviness, Khemmis are on fire on their new album. The singer’s vocals sound probably better than ever, and deliver a range and depth that’s wider than previously encountered on a Khemmis record. The aggressive growls that occasionally accompany these are more prevalent too, and are great to hear.

The music is powerful and wonderfully crafted. The songs full of mournful hooks and captivating sorrowful melodies. Each track is an exemplar of doom metal songwriting, covering a range of styles and delivered in Khemmis’ inimitable charismatic way. Full of emotive strengths, atmospheric depths, stonking riffs, and doomscapes of immaculate rendering, Deceiver is a ridiculously strong addition to the band’s discography.

Essential listening.

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