Interview with Abstracter

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The latest Abstracter album – Cinereous Incarnate – is a twisted, blackened work of dark art. In my humble opinion it’s the band’s best work to date, and I heavily recommend that you grab it when it’s released on Friday of this week.

Without any further preamble, have a look at the interview with the band below. If that doesn’t further convince you to check out Cinereous Incarnate, then the stream at the bottom hopefully will. Bring on the end times! Continue reading “Interview with Abstracter”

Interview with Lik

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I like the Swedish death metal sound very much. Very, very much indeed. Which is why I absolutely love the new Lik album, the appropriately-titled Carnage. Full of classic death metal with the right combination of songs and attitude, it’s time to unleash the chainsaws and get cutting.

Lik’s drummer Christofer managed to give me a bit more information on the band, without me losing any limbs in the process… Continue reading “Interview with Lik”

Interview with Blackwater Holylight

Blackwater Holylight Header

Blackwater Holylight’s self titled debut album is a gorgeous mix of heartfelt vocals, hard rock and psychedelia, and dashes of old-school doom. A rich and textured collection of highly emotive songs, the album is warm and ethereal, easily impressing with its easy atmosphere and diverse songwriting. It’s definitely a keeper.

I caught up with bassist/vocalist Allison (Sunny) and asked a few questions… Continue reading “Interview with Blackwater Holylight”

Interview with Strangle Wire

Strangle Wire Header

Strangle Wire’s debut EP The Dark Triad is a raging slab of brutality and serial killer intensity. It’s packaged and delivered in a surprisingly catchy and memorable way for something as uncompromisingly dark and aggressive as this, which makes for a very satisfying listen.

Pete Clarke provides the gruesome deathgrunts for the band, and has given us some further insight into the minds of Strangle Wire… Continue reading “Interview with Strangle Wire”

Interview with Messa

Messa Header

The second album from Messa is upon us. Feast for Water is an exemplary collection of songs, showing exactly how to produce dark and evocative music. Forged from doom metal’s despondent wastes, and enriched with ambient, drone, jazz, progressive, experimental, and even some black metal elements, the album is a comprehensive journey into watery landscapes filled with rich meaning and emotive atmosphere.

I highly recommend this album for anyone into quality music. Let’s find out a little more about the band below… Continue reading “Interview with Messa”

Interview with Cave Bastard

Cave Bastard Logo

Cave Bastard’s debut album The Bleak Shall Devour the Earth contains the kind of brutal, well-rounded, and varied death metal that’s so incredibly satisfying to listen to. Drawing in elements from grindcore, sludge, hardcore, black metal, and doom, and using them to create a crushingly effective album of extreme metal, this has definitely been one of the highlights of the year so far for me.

Find out more below… Continue reading “Interview with Cave Bastard”

Interview with Visigoth

Visigoth Header

Visigoth are without doubt, (in my humble opinion at least), one of the best of the current crop of traditional heavy metal bands. They have all of the requisite aspects and elements that make a great heavy metal band, and all of this has been realised in the band’s latest album Conqueror’s Oath. If you haven’t yet checked it out then do so immediately!

I had the great pleasure to ask the band’s guitarist Leeland Campana a few questions, so let’s get to know Visigoth and their latest album a bit more… Continue reading “Interview with Visigoth”

Interview with Aorlhac

Aorlhac Logo

Aorlhac have recently released their third album, (and closing part of a trilogy), L’esprit des Vents. This is an epic and melodic album that takes the fire of the black metal second wave and fuses it into passionate, atmospheric music that still retains plenty of aggressive bite. It’s a very strong release, and one that I readily recommend you check out.

I was privileged enough to be able to ask the band’s vocalist Spellbound some questions about the album and the band, so have a read of the below and give the album a listen… Continue reading “Interview with Aorlhac”

Interview with Eryn Non Dae

Eryn Non Dae Logo

Eryn Non Dae are one of the more individual bands out there today, and their latest album Abandon of the Self is probably their greatest work to date. Sprawling, epic, and emotive, but probably not in ways you are used to, the band’s new album is a tour de force of progressive, expressive metal.

Bassist Mickaël André gave me some deeper insight into his remarkable band, and how Abandon of the Self came to be… Continue reading “Interview with Eryn Non Dae”

Interview with Deathwhite

Deathwhite Logo

Deathwhite have recently released their debut album – For a Black Tomorrow – into the world, and if you haven’t yet had a chance to sample the band’s emotive melodic metal, then I heartily recommend that you do. It’s a very catchy and memorable collection of songs, one which I very much hope to be able to catch live in the future, if rumours of future shows are true.

As Deathwhite are a band that I discovered and enjoyed early on with their debut EP Ethereal, I couldn’t resist putting some questions to the band, which they were good enough to answer… Continue reading “Interview with Deathwhite”