Strangle Wire – The Dark Triad (Review)

Strangle WireStrangle Wire are an Irish death metal band and this is their latest EP.

This is the follow up to the band’s debut release Narcissism, which was an enjoyable brief introduction to Strangle Wire’s brand of nastiness. They are now back, and I’ve pleased to say they have built on their initial promise. Both of the songs on the band’s first release have resurfaced on The Dark Triad, but now they’ve brought friends to the party too.

Well, the first thing I notice, after picking my smashed jaw off the floor, is the thick, solid, well-rounded production. The Dark Triad sounds as professional and meaty as any death metal release. Very tasty.

Once the initial impact of the music’s sonic might has worn off, it’s apparent that the band’s new songs show that Strangle Wire seriously know what they’re doing with death metal. The tracks on this release are well-written, striking the right balance between instant-appeal crushing guitars and a more intricate delivery that adds weight and substance to the music via interesting riffs and occasional melodies.

The tracks show good differentiation between each other and they’ve clearly been crafted with their own personalities in mind. Rather than simply being used to pad out space on this EP, each song justifies its own existence through force of its presence, charisma, and ultimately how enjoyable it is when blared out at high volume.

Despite the rampant brutality on display here the songs are surprisingly catchy and memorable, with plenty of riffs, guitar lines, ideas, and vocal patterns that stick with you as you get to know the songs. The band’s songwriting skills are on fire, delivering the goods six times across this EP with sorching songs that will crush, maim, and mangle you into a hideous mess. This is, of course, something we like very much.

I hear elements of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, Morbid Angel, and Bolt Thrower in this, in differing amounts and in differing songs. It’s probably safe to assume that fans of those bands will get on board with Strangle Wire’s carnage too.

Genuinely impressed with this, very enjoyable. Can’t wait to hear even more from the band in the future.

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