Aorlhac – L’esprit des Vents (Review)

AorlhacThis is the third album from French black metallers Aorlhac.

Here we have some strong, authentic epic/melodic second wave black metal. It does exactly what you’d expect it to, and it does it very well indeed.

Aorlhac’s sound is of the semi-raw underground, but without losing any power or effect because of this. The band’s songs are epic in scope and feel, powered along by stirring melodies and blackened riffs. Although these melodies are a large part of Aorlhac’s sound, they don’t completely define the band, as the other components of their sound carry their own weight effectively.

Having been fully immersed in the early black metal style, it’s easy to enjoy an album like this. This isn’t necessarily always the case, of course, as L’espirity des Vents could easily have been boring, stale, or just melodically annoying. Thankfully it’s none of those things, as Aorlhac clearly know a thing or two about this kind of black metal. The band write their songs with passion and skill, and this is a memorable set of songs that I’ll definitely be returning to over and over again in the future.

The vocalist primarily delivers his thematic lyrics via a very satisfying blackened scream. Other vocal approaches can be heard here and there, however, adding some variety, and all are well-performed.

This is black metal with a large melodic component that doesn’t sound toothless because of it; L’espirit des Vents has bite. Although it’s quite lengthy at 58 minutes in duration, the band make sure that they carve a compelling and enjoyable journey for the listener.

Very highly recommended.

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