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I like the Swedish death metal sound very much. Very, very much indeed. Which is why I absolutely love the new Lik album, the appropriately-titled Carnage. Full of classic death metal with the right combination of songs and attitude, it’s time to unleash the chainsaws and get cutting.

Lik’s drummer Christofer managed to give me a bit more information on the band, without me losing any limbs in the process…

Introduce us to Lik and how you formed

Tomas – Vocals & guitar. Nille – Lead guitar & bass duties in the studio. Chris – Drums

Tomas and myself started jamming since we both like the same main ingredient in Lik being Dismember. We made a few songs and an demo as soon as Nille got on board. Released the debut album “Mass Funeral Eevocation” on War Anthem Records. We did some shows a mini tour in Europe. But nothing really happened for us then. But we will see now.

What are your influences?

Dismember, Entombed & Edge of sanity and good music in general.

Name some things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Nekromantheon, latest Cannibal Corpse album.

Tell us about Carnage

It’s an album with ten great death metal tunes. We recorded it about a year ago now and wrote the final song on the album a few weeks before entering the studio with Lawrence Macrory. We are very proud of it. Hopefully our fans will like it as much as we do. But so far so good. We got pretty good response at our release party. And if you like your death metal raw and furious you won’t be disappointed.

How does it feel to have this album completed and unleashed into the world?

It feels great. Especially since we feel that we are in good hands being signed to Metal Blade now. We have gotten very good exposure to say the least.

What goals do you have for Carnage/Lik?

Playing live and get as much exposure as possible.

Lik Band

How do you go about writing and arranging your songs?

Tomas is the main song writer. I do my fair share too of course. At least when it comes to making riffs. Tomas then often puts together a skeleton/rough demo of a song and the three of us put it together, making it a proper song in the rehearsal place. So we keep it pretty old school in that sense. It’s important to us that the three of us ares satisfied with what we write. When it comes to lyrics it’s divided between Tomas and myself.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

I like them all. But To kill, Death Cult & Celebration of the Twisted might be favourites right now anyway.

How did you decide on the order of the tracks?

I must give that one to Lawrence Macrory. We all gave our inputs and Lawrence order was the best one.

How would you say this latest release of yours compares to your previous album?

Sound wise it’s more brutal. The first one is a bit more “mellow” in comparison I think.

What would you say that Lik gives you that none of the other bands that you are/have been involved with give you?

Artistic freedom & joy. Cheesy maybe but it’s a fact. 🙂

How did you decide on the album cover art?

Mark Riddick. There is no one better than him. He is a truly gifted artist and does amazing art.


Is cover art still an important aspect of music in today’s digital age?

Yes absolutely. Vinyl is a hot topic especially in metal nowadays. So you got to have cool covers.

What are your views on the death metal scene in 2018?

It’s in pretty good shape from what I see and hear. The genre has of coursed developed its sub-genres but the old school death metal scene is well and prospering – I think. So that is a good thing.

Do you have any upcoming tours you want to talk about?

We are planning some, but nothing that I can reveal at the moment. So stay tuned and check out our social platforms from time to time so you don’t miss out on us passing through your hometown. 🙂

What are the next steps for Lik?

We are planning shows mainly because we want to get out and play live, that’s our main priority to support the album after its release on the 4th of May.

Any final words?

Thank you for showing interest in Lik and keep up with us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.

Support Death Metal.



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