Messa – Feast for Water (Review)

MessaMessa are an Italian doom metal band and this is their second album.

This is the follow up to 2016’s very enjoyable Belfry. This was an album that took the classic doom metal template and injected elements of ambient/drone into it, along with the band members’ own distinct personalities.

Highly atmospheric and with nuanced, subtle undertones, Messa’s latest release contains almost 50 minutes of droning doom metal, full of luscious vocals and deep, apocalyptic soundscapes.

The band’s debut album was notable for its inclusion of ambient/drone influences, providing a claustrophobic space for the rest of the music to move around in. Feast for Water continues with this trend, further developing it with a keen sense of songwriting and evocatively crafted soundscapes. All of this is juxtaposed against a very direct set of riffs and song structures that encourage the listener to be drawn into the band’s landscape, while simultaneously being compelled to stay by the softer, seductive sounds.

The free form jazz, progressive, and experimental elements have continued to worm their way into the band’s sound, achieving a deeper level of embedded delivery than previously. There’s also somewhat of a blackened feel in places now too; this element is only natural, I suppose, considering the apocalyptic vibes that the band unleash, (Tusli contains the most blatant example of this). Piano is a new addition to the band’s toolbox too, one which is utilised well.

Feast for Water is the next step of the band’s evolution. They have produced a very strong album that succeeds in building on all of the strengths of the first, and shedding any weaknesses.

Very highly recommended.

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