Cave Bastard – Wrath of the Bastard (Review)

Cave Bastard - Wrath of the BastardThis is the second album from US extreme metallers Cave Bastard.

2018’s The Bleak Shall Devour the Earth was a record I enjoyed, so I was keen to catch up with what the band were offering in 2021. Continue reading “Cave Bastard – Wrath of the Bastard (Review)”

Interview with Cave Bastard

Cave Bastard Logo

Cave Bastard’s debut album The Bleak Shall Devour the Earth contains the kind of brutal, well-rounded, and varied death metal that’s so incredibly satisfying to listen to. Drawing in elements from grindcore, sludge, hardcore, black metal, and doom, and using them to create a crushingly effective album of extreme metal, this has definitely been one of the highlights of the year so far for me.

Find out more below… Continue reading “Interview with Cave Bastard”

Monthly Overview – the Best of March 2018

It’s time to take stock of what the extreme metal world has given us this month. As usual, there’s been some storming releases. Continue reading “Monthly Overview – the Best of March 2018”

Cave Bastard – The Bleak Shall Devour the Earth (Review)

Cave BastardCave Bastard are from the US and are a death metal band. This is their debut album.

With a name like Cave Bastard and an album cover and logo like this, how could I not want to check this out? I’m pleased to say that this initial promise has been fulfilled, and what we have here is 31 minutes of sonic violence and intensity. Continue reading “Cave Bastard – The Bleak Shall Devour the Earth (Review)”