The Necromancers – Where the Void Rose (Review)

The Necromancers - Where the Void RoseThis is the third album from The Necromancers, a French heavy metal/rock band.

Playing a mix of classic heavy metal and occult rock, The Necromancers impress over 38 minutes with their charismatic and compelling take on an old-school style.

The Necromancers’ music has a foundation that’s built on the bones of the NWOBHM, and grows from this with heavy and occult rock extensions. The promo blurb mentions bands like Iron Maiden, Graveyard, Grand Magus, and Orange Goblin, and these are a good place to start from when approaching Where the Void Rose. I’ll add to this a reference to Green Lung too.

The songs are well-written and benefit from a clear, strong recording. The ancient style of classic heavy metal holds up very well in the band’s capable hands, and the music is instantly familiar, like an old friend that you haven’t seen for a while.

The riffs are good and I like the singer’s voice a great deal. Both aspects of the music are a big part of why these songs are so catchy and memorable; The Necromancers know how to write hooks, and Where the Void Rose is full of the things.

Organic and simply-crafted, yet built with a care and expertise that belies the band’s straightforward approach to hard rocking heavy metal, Where the Void Rose is full of engaging character.

This is an enjoyable album that captivates with its melodic strengths, vocals that are imbued with rich feeling, and songs that don’t quit. Where the Void Rose is recommended for anyone into the older styles of rock and metal.

Don’t miss out.

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