Grand Magus – Sword Songs (Review)

Grand MagusThis is the eighth album from this Swedish heavy metal institution.

How’s that for an album cover, eh? It certainly paints a pretty picture of what the album sounds like.

For twenty years Grand Magus have been blaring out their brand of heavy metal in one form or another, and they seem in no hurry to stop either. Nor should they. Sword Songs features 8 spirited heavy metal anthems, (and one instrumental), that do exactly what you want them to do, no more, no less.

The songs are straightforward hymns to battle and strength, featuring material that sees the band exploring their heavier, more aggressive side, (although this is relative, considering the majority of the content of this site). This is pure heavy metal played by veterans who know the genre inside out, and it shows in the delivery.

At 35 minutes in length, there’s no filler, no messing around on Sword Songs. Catchiness and hooks are a given, of course, and duelling guitars are a pleasure to hear. The singer is a big part of what makes Grand Magus so compellingly infectious, but we shouldn’t discount the music either, being full of true metal, as it is.

I’ve always loved the singer’s voice, especially when he was singing in Spiritual Beggars, which is where I’m even more familiar with him from than Grand Magus. He has a distinctive voice and a characterful style, making him easily identifiable as soon as he opens his mouth.

Brief, but very enjoyable. Recommended for all fans of true heavy metal.

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