Draghkar – World Unraveled (Review)

DraghkarThis is the debut demo from US death metal band Draghkar.

Short, filthy and with an underground fuzzy sound, the first steps into the world by Draghkar are rooted in the old-school, but not necessarily fully defined by it.

The production values are low and dirty, ensuring that World Unraveled is under 10 minutes of cavernous, ugly death metal.

The brief songs are simple, atavistic examples of death metal’s basest urges to smash, maim and kill. Even here though, there’s evidence in some of the riffs that that band have the potential for more than just this. The music may want to destroy you, but it’s still considered enough to show evidence of thought by the band, rather than just stringing together any old random riffs.

The vocals are little more than someone growling into a bucket, (probably filled with entrails), but surprisingly this doesn’t matter one bit, and the singer’s sub-human growls are quite endearing.

The guitars are rough, abrasive and show plenty of promise in their delivery. Hell, I like this, and even with a half-formed sound that has probably been dragged up from the underworld, this demo is an enjoyably brief slice of classic death metal.

This is a decent start for Draghkar. Let’s see what they’re capable of next time.

4 thoughts on “Draghkar – World Unraveled (Review)

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