Draghkar – At the Crossroads of Infinity (Review)

Draghkar - At the Crossroads of InfinityDraghkar are a US death metal band and this is their debut album.

I’m a big fan of Draghkar’s work, (here, here, here), and have really enjoyed watching the band develop over the years, from a one-man act, (see also Azath), to a fully-fledged band, (featuring the singer of Vastum, as well as musicians from other notable bands, including the drummer from Ecferus), with quite a lot of musical changes happening over time. This has all finally culminated in the band’s 35-minute debut album, and I’m pleased to say that my time invested with Draghkar has definitely paid off; At the Crossroads of Infinity is their best and most individual work yet.

Draghkar play a tweaked version of old-school death metal, filled with bleak atmosphere and macabre moods. Black, heavy, doom, and thrash metal influences are responsible for the aforementioned tweaking, and are absorbed into the musical melange to create songs that have a lot to offer the discerning extreme metal fan. This is a multifaceted and ambitious release, and the band’s talent makes it all come together perfectly.

Classic-feeling riffs assault your ears, as the drums pound and the vocals savage your soul. The guitars are energetic and have an organic feel to them, as if they were somehow birthed instead of written and played. Melody is used well, as and where needed, to inject feeling and texture. A shout out to the guitar solos and leads too, as I find these very enjoyable indeed.

The music is satisfying and meaty, with plenty to get your teeth into. Catchy and memorable, each track has its own personality and exists in its own right, while still flowing well as an album. Well-written and performed by people that clearly know what they’re doing, these songs promise big things, and deliver with ease.

At the Crossroads of Infinity is a superlative album, and Draghkar are well worth getting to know if you’re currently unfamiliar with them.

Essential listening.

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