Forlesen – Hierophant Violent (Review)

Forlesen - Hierophant ViolentForlesen are from the US and play doom. This is their debut album.

There are only two lengthy tracks on this album, but with a total duration of 36 minutes, that matters not. The band members in Forlesen have a lot of experience with atypical music, as they play in a variety of bands such as Lotus Thief, Kayo Dot, Botanist, Maudlin of the Well, Nero Order, Palace of Worms, and Vesper Moth. Continue reading “Forlesen – Hierophant Violent (Review)”

Floods – Floods (Review)

FloodsFloods are a US black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Floods play a mix of black, death and sludge metal. Which genre they are actually playing is up for debate, although I’d argue that black metal forms the largest part of their musical equation, so we’ll go with that. Continue reading “Floods – Floods (Review)”

Palace of Worms/Ecferus – Split (Review)

Palace of Worms EcferusThis is a split between Palace of Worms and Ecferus – two US one-man black metal bands.

Both of these bands are ones that I really enjoy, and both have a history of quality releases, (check out The Ladder, Prehistory and Shamaniacal Essence), so when I found out they were sharing a split release, the expectation levels rocketed up. Continue reading “Palace of Worms/Ecferus – Split (Review)”

Palace of Worms – The Ladder (Review)

Palace of WormsThis is the third album from US one-man Black Metal project Palace of Worms.

Here we have Black Metal that manages to retain a raw and nasty demeanour while simultaneously offering enough melodic aspects to be enticingly emotive. It’s not overly melodic, but there’s enough colour and texture through the sinister melodies to add another dimension.

Continue reading “Palace of Worms – The Ladder (Review)”