Nordicwinter – Desolation (Review)

Nordicwinter - DesolationNordicwinter is a one-man Canadian black metal band, and this is his third album.

Containing 36 minutes of atmospheric black metal with a depressive-style edge, Desolation is an obscure underground gem, one which should be uncovered by as many people as possible. I’m a big fan of atmospheric black metal, and Desolation is a particularly good example of the art.

This is well-written music that’s frosted and cold, but still has a warm, expressive heart. The album’s melodic depth goes far, and the songs are constructed with clear care and thought. There are some really good guitar solos on this record as well, (not something I associate too much with black metal, so always welcome to hear). The high-pitched near-static vocals are the perfect fit for this sort of music too.

Desolation is well-named, as the images it evokes are ones of desolate tundras largely barren of life and hope. The songs are resplendent with bleak moods and despondent auras, all carefully conjured and managed by the artist with skill and obvious passion. The artist behind Nordicwinter has done a great job in providing icily atmospheric soundscapes for the listener to get lost in, and if you’re a fan of the atmospheric style, Desolation is effortless to enjoy.

Full of atmosphere and emotive depth, (enhanced by well-considered keyboards), this is a high quality and very enjoyable album that deserves a wider audience than it is likely to get.

If you’re partial to raw, underground atmospheric blackness, then I heartily encourage you to spend some time with Desolation.

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