Aodon – 11069 (Review)

Aodon - 11069This is the second album from Aodon, a black metal band from France.

Aodon mix atmospheric and post-black metal to create an album of layered texture and blistering intensity. The result is an effective and striking collection of music.

Raw aggression and emotive atmosphere sit alongside post-blackened elements quite naturally, resulting in songs that immerse as much as they draw blood. There’s a variety of moods and feelings explored across the songs, including sorrowful dirges, scathing ferocity, and the occasional epic streak.

The album has a strong sound and all of the performances feel quite alive and visceral. The singer’s vicious screams seem to tear out of the music, while the drums sound like they’re capable of battering down a building. The melodic leads that are used throughout are evocative and compelling, painting vivid portraits in blackened soundscapes. These are not flashily realised, however, and operate in concert with all of the other aspects of the music.

The pace of the tracks is varied enough to help hold interest across the album’s 48-minute duration. The songs are well-written and structured to support the music’s various components. This allows for the emphasis to change depending on what needs to be highlighted at any given time, whether this is a brutal riff, an atmospheric melody, or a particularly piercing vocal section.

Overall 11069 is an album of well-realised sharp aggression tempered with atmospheric highlights, and is a enjoyably rewarding listen.

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