Numeron – Road to Valhalla (Review)

Numeron - Road to ValhallaThis is the second album from Indonesian post-black metal band Numeron.

Road to Valhalla is a 43-minute exploration of atmospheric black metal and blackgaze, delivered in a post-black metal package that’s passionately performed. Numeron have produced a well-crafted slice of expressive darkness.

Road to Valhalla offers an interesting combination of sounds drawn mainly from two black metal styles that are rooted in mood-building. On the one hand the music shimmers with the ethereal beauty and eloquent fragility of blackgaze. On the other there’s a sturdier core to the music that’s heavier and more aggressive, yet still carries with it the emotive presence of the atmospheric style. The mixture of these two primary aspects of Numeron’s music is well-balanced, with different ratios of the two being used at different times, corresponding to the needs of the songs.

The songs are well-written and use melody and light well to provide texture and bright streaks of hope in the darkness. In addition to the two main styles mentioned above, there’s also a third lurking in the shadows; a depressive black metal influence can be heard too, infusing the delivery with keenly-felt despair and anguish.

Road to Valhalla is a convincing journey into Numeron’s world. It’s a realm of darkness and pain, but one lit up by cascading arcs of bright melody and soaring rays of tempered hope. If you’re a fan of acts such as Harakiri for the Sky, Deafheaven, Anomalie, Alcest, Violet Cold, MØL, Astronoid, and the like, then you should definitely check this out.

A recommended listen for fans of the style.


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