Tooth and Claw – Dream of Ascension (Review)

Tooth and Claw - Dream of AscensionThis is the debut album from US hardcore band Tooth and Claw.

A band containing members of Earth Crisis and Sect couldn’t fail to get my attention. Across 22 minutes, Tooth and Claw provide us with a raging version of old-school metallic hardcore that also occasionally flexes some death metal muscles with some of the guitars. Imagine a mix of Earth Crisis, Merauder, and Obituary, and you’ll be on the right lines.

The songs are brief, but brutal. They tear and rage with passionate aggression and boast riffs the size of mountains. Yep, the guitars are a definite highlight if you want to stomp around smashing things, but of course, they would be nothing without the rest of the band’s highly capable delivery. Full of hooks and crushing catchiness, these are quality songs.

While undeniably a brutal listen, I like that the band have included some additional textures to the music’s savage heart. Examples of this can be found in the form of a moment of piano, synth enhancements, a sinister melody, or a more atmospheric, emotive section. It all enriches the core heaviness of Dream of Ascension, resulting in a very enjoyable and well-rounded slab of heaviness.

Tooth and Claw have a wealth of experience, and on Dream of Ascension they use this to produce well-written metallic hardcore that really hits the spot.

Very highly recommended.

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