Enforced – Kill Grid (Review)

Enforced - Kill GridEnforced are a thrash metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Enforced unleash 41 minutes of crossover death/thrash on Kill Grid, and it’s utterly devastating.

Enforced play a brutal form of thrash that has an old-school heart wrapped in a modern delivery. Taking elements of classic thrash, burly hardcore punk, and slabs of old-school death metal, Kill Grid hits the spot so hard it leaves a crater. An obvious reference point for Kill Grid would be Power Trip, but thankfully Enforced are no mere copycats and have their own well-formed musical personality; more old-school, less hardcore. Start with Power Trip, add elements of Slayer, Obituary, Merauder, Bolt Thrower, Sepultura, and Demolition Hammer, and you have a blinding recipe for a killer album. This album makes me so nostalgic for the early 90s, it’s crazy that this isn’t some long-lost Sepultura/Slayer/Merauder supergroup, (or something).

These guys play their guitars mean and crunchy. Many of the riffs are so sharp and fast that I’m surprised nobody has injured themselves on them. Seriously, some of these riffs are lethal. And the solos? Like molten metal. Combined with the pounding, punishing drums, and a vocalist with a charismatic roar, it makes for songs that are not only really satisfying and enjoyable, but pass the test of repeated spins with ease. This all would lack the necessary impact to make a real mark were it not for the fact that Enforced also know how to write a good tune. A damn good tune; nine of them in fact. This is a first class album that’s so catchy, memorable, and packed with Metal it hurts.

Well, I’ve been a bit thrash-jaded for a while now, so I love it when records like this come out, punch me in the face, and remind me of why thrash metal used to be one of my favourite genres for a long time while growing up.

Essential listening. Get this.

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