Bloodstrike – Execution of Violence (Review)

BloodstrikeThis is the second album from US death metallers Bloodstrike.

I like Bloodstrike a lot. There’s just something extremely satisfying about their no-frills take on old-school death metal. Their music rages and burns with the best of them, but also has an inherent honesty and authenticity that I find greatly appealing.

So, after thoroughly enjoying Necrobirth and In Death We Rot, the band are now ready to unleash Execution of Violence on the world.

Simple, heavy, and full of confident attitude, the songs on this album thunder and roll across the musical landscape like a biblical storm of supreme violence. Bloodstrike’s brutality is infectious, and the songs are both catchy and more-ish. With under 40 minutes of material on the album, it’s a good length to listen to once and then just stick on again, bathing in the band’s bloody delivery and lust for carnage.

The album is essentially a continuation of what the band have previously achieved, only with an even stronger sound, (it has a very satisfying crunch), and a more focused idea of what the band want to achieve. Also, their singer probably sounds better than ever too, with her voice ripping and tearing out from the music like something possessed.

The tracks are well-written and largely quite brief. Their focused old-school delivery means they get in, make one Hell of a mess, and then get out before the blood has a chance to dry. Heavy riffs, engaging melodies, and tight songwriting mean that Bloodstrike continue to firmly hit the spot with this latest release.

Mxing the old-school war metal approach of a band like Bolt Thrower, the catchy brutality of Obituary, and the groove-laden assault of the Swedish style, how could Execution of Violence be anything other than a winner?

Highly recommended.

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