Temple of Dread – Hades Unleashed (Review)

Temple of Dread - Hades UnleashedThis is the third album from German death metal band Temple of Dread.

Hades Unleashed contains 40 minutes of death metal, and features a member of Slaughterday on vocals.

This is old-school death metal flavoured with a thrash metal influence that can be keenly felt in the ripping guitars. Fast, adrenaline-soaked parts are combined with galloping riffs and demolishing groove to produce songs that are effortlessly pleasing. The end result sort of reminds me of mix of Malevolent Creation and Obituary, and is every bit as fun and enjoyable as that sounds.

Temple of Dread attack their instruments with ferocious vigour, and these songs tear out of the speakers like the monstrous slabs of death metal that they are. Everything here is well-played and delivered, and the songs on Hades Unleashed are satisfying examples of how to merge old-school death and thrash metal together in order to get the benefits of both.

I like that the band seem to have spent a good amount of time on their choice selection of riffs; Hades Unleashed is absolutely full of them, and they’re mostly damn good ones too. The thrash influences help lend the guitars a catchiness that I wasn’t expecting, and overall the songs benefit from an obscene amount of hooks. Whether these are in the form of raging riffs, piercing solos, killer leads, or a particular vocal rhythm, it all speaks highly of the band’s songwriting abilities.

Well, what’s not to like here? Hades Unleashed really hits the spot for me. Good songs, good album; you can’t ask for more than that.

A recommended listen.

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