Encrypted – The Purge (Review)

EncryptedEncrypted are a German death metal band and this is their debut EP.

This is old-school death metal that mixes influences from both the Scandinavian and US scenes. Think a cross between Asphyx and Obituary for an easy starting point.

The EP features aggressive speed, heavy groove, doom-infused slow sections, the odd melodic flourish, weighty chugs, macabre atmospheres, and plenty of confident attitude.

Each of these songs is well-written and shows a band that know the style inside and out. Whether they’re peeling off mid-paced riffs, slowing down to a crushing crawl, or roasting the listener with flaming blast beats, the band deliver everything with such classic style that I can’t help but lap this release up.

Vocally their singer is a roaring monster, and I mean that in a very good way. His deep growls are guttural and extremely satisfying. He sounds made for this kind of thing. Great voice.

The production is very tasty, with the right balance between power and crusty, underground aesthetics.

In a way it’s kind of shocking that The Purge is as mature and developed as it is, what with it being Encrypted’s first non-demo release. On the other hand, the band formed in 2012, so they’re been perfecting their art for a decent amount of time it seems, and the results speak for themselves; The Purge is definitely on the higher end of the quality spectrum.

Very highly recommended.

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