Pyre – Chained to Ossuaries (Review)

Pyre - Chained to OssuariesThis is the second album from Russian death metallers Pyre.

It’s been six years since Human Hecatomb, but now the well-regarded Pyre have returned. This is old-school death metal, unapologetic and unrefined, just as it should be. Taking influence from the Swedish style, (but not exclusively), Chained to Ossuaries gives us 41 minutes of strong material. Fans of Dismember, Asphyx, and Autopsy pay attention.

This is pure death metal carnage, and very enjoyable because of this. Taking the time to write songs with recognisable structures and hooks, the music rumbles and burns through its playing time with confidence and no small measure of power.

Filled with rotten riffs, explosive drums, and grim melodies, these songs do exactly what you’d want them to do. There are no surprises here, but then there’s not meant to be. Pyre play rampaging classic death metal straight from their filthy hearts, and they do it well.

In a sucker for the Swedish style anyway, but it’s performed notably well here. With greater levels of aggression than some of their peers, and a singer that has a touch of Obituary about him, Pyre’s music has personality. It’s also enjoyable, satisfying, and deathly good fun.

Check this out.

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