Jagged Vision – Death Is This World (Review)

Jagged VisionThis is the second album from Jagged Vision, a Norwegian metallic hardcore band.

As a starting point for Jagged Vision’s sound, imagine a band like Black Tusk or Doomriders, add in some All Pigs Must Die, and then coat the entire thing in a violent metallic hardcore sheen.

Jagged Vision play a hardcore/sludge/metal mix that borrows from aspects of all styles, allowing the band to firmly cement their own personality.

A feeling of violent hardcore permeates the tracks, while the stoner/sludge elements provide a rocking sensibility absent from a lot of this kind of stuff. Some songs have more of the former influences than the latter, while others combine the two roughly equally. Either way, it makes for a very absorbing listen.

The singer has a vicious snarl that betrays the band’s hardcore roots, no matter what the music is doing. His voice seems to complement the music no matter what’s going on, whether it’s a harsher hardcore assault, a stoner jam, a wicked solo, or some cool heavy riffs. Whatever the rest of the band are up to at any given time, their vocalist knows how to bellow over the top of it like a winner. I love his intensity. When he’s not screaming his guts out he’s injecting an emotive quality into his voice that’s not quite clean singing, but certainly on its way there and sounds a treat.

The songs are typically high energy affairs that still find the time to build sludgy atmosphere too. The band clearly understand dynamics and good structuring, which is why they can easily deliver songs that rock-out as well as ones that have a lot more sludge/doom in them.

The band are also equally at home tearing out a giant heavy riff as they are the more emotive sections. They’re not afraid of really going for it either, as they do when the sharp, scything blast beats appear. Very nice stuff.

No, this is not a one dimensional band at all and these songs have a lot to offer the listener over the course of the playing time. There’s a lot of variety on offer here, and Jagged Vision have really impressed me with this release.

A satisfying production, a sub-40 minute duration and catchy, memorable songs all mean that Death Is This World has a high replay value. LIsten to it once, then just listen to it again. And again. And again.

Very highly recommended.

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