Obituary – Dying of Everything (Review)

Obituary - Dying of EverythingObituary are a legendary death metal band from the US. This is their eleventh album.

Obituary are such a goooooooood band. Every album is just a really fun listen. I thoroughly enjoyed all of their recent releases, (Inked in BloodTen Thousand Ways to Die, Obituary), and new album Dying of Everything is no exception. Delivering 45 minutes of Grade A old-school heaviness with Obituary’s trademark stomp and slash, this is another slab of infectious death metal mastery.

Is there a catchier death metal band than Obituary? I’m hard-pressed to think of one at the moment. Obituary ply the listener with heavy grooves like few other bands are capable of. Instantly arresting, yet able to stand up to repeated spins without an issue, the guitars somehow offer the best of both worlds; punishing and crushing riffs that you want to return to again and again? Yep, that’s Obituary. Of course, the rest of the band pull their considerable weight too.

The drums are solid and merciless, and the bass surprisingly potent and effective. Sitting atop everything though like a gruesome overlord is the monstrous vocal performance. Snarling and biting in a way that only his individual voice can, the singer has a unique and always recognisable style that has stood the test of time remarkably well.

These tracks are yet another superlative set of songs from this legendary band. If you know Obituary’s sound then you pretty much know what to expect on Dying of Everything. That’s no bad thing though, and absolutely no excuse not to thrash out like a maniac to this great record. Dying of Everything is the death metal equivalent of easy listening, only way, way, way better, way more fun, and infinitely bouncy.


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