Godless – Centuries of Decadence (Review)

GodlessGodless are a Death Metal band from India and this is their début release.

Godless play Death Metal with traditional muscularity mixed with a bit of thrash and groove. It’s well-recorded and has a solid sound overall, making for a good impression.

The singer’s dark growls set the scene for the carnage to come, while the choppy guitars are played with some quite inventive riffs. The band have a good melodic edge to them that isn’t overstated, but just allows them to add several shades of colour to the aggression that they spew forth.

Godless effortlessly mix old and new influences, resulting in something that sounds both timeless and contemporary. Both the blast beats and slower sections are powered along by the satisfying riffs, providing the listener with a feast of aural destruction to savour.

I like how these songs are structured and the way they power along with rolling double-bass and precise drumming. The bass can be heard and the guitars have a dark melodicism to them that belie their evident brutality.

An impressive début. Not only can Godless write well, but their delivery is spot-on and professional.

Very enjoyable – check this out.

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