Sov – Aklamerad Kalamitet (Review)

SovSov are a Black Metal band and this is their début album.

Sov play underground and honest Black Metal that might superficially seem like the standard fare at first glance, but a deeper scrutiny reveals a band with impressive creative power and a lot of raw talent.

This is an interesting release in that it manages to cultivate an air of both natural forest-dwelling and sophisticated blackened art. The music is suspended between the more naturalistic elements and the modern, progressive influences so that these six tracks are a pleasing blend of the early second-wave style and a more up-to-date interpretation of the genre, à la Watain and Deathspell Omega.

Between the old and the new is a sweet spot, apparently, as Aklamerad Kalamitet is a very enjoyable and satisfying listen. My only complaint is that it’s too damn short; at a mere 24 minutes in length, there’s a lot more that could be developed and explored here. Despite this, the music is crammed full with ideas and a surprising amount of variety.

Dark moods abound and there’s a good combination of brutality and atmosphere on these tracks. The songs are well-written and structured, and feature a host of good ideas and emotive parts within their playing time.

All of the usual Black Metal aspects are present and correct, but I also like the inclusion of some more atypical sections, odd sounds, guitar solos, brief female vocals, (on Ty sublim är den Svarta ängeln), and some almost Opeth-esque progressive/folk interludes; all of which are brief, but included seamlessly into the blackened whole. There really is an embarrassment of riches on Aklamerad Kalamitet, and I can’t help but almost laugh to myself really at just how damn good this is, and how much they’ve managed to throw into the mix in such little space.

The singer may approach things in a conventional Black Metal style, with harsh screamed shouts, (for the most part), but just like the music he has something a bit different going on too; his voice has a certain charismatic quality to it that lends his vocalisations an appealing edge that gives off his personality well.

Well, from seemingly out of nowhere we have what appears to be a very talented duo playing some extremely good Black Metal. An unexpected and wonderful underground find. I imagine this is destined for obscurity though, which is a crying shame, so make the effort now to check this out if you can and get it while it’s hot.

Don’t miss this. Do not. Miss this.

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