Vulture Wings – Funeral Grounds (Review)

Vulture WingsThis is the début EP from this Brazilian Death Metal band.

This is old-school Death Metal that rumbles and chugs its way through the playing time, but is not without melody or nuance as it goes about its gory business.

The production is nice and old-school too; I like the instant character it bestows on the band, as well as allowing the bass to be heard, (always a bonus).

It’s mainly a mid-paced assault and the riffs chug and groove all over the place. Snatches of melody appear throughout, with the band having some nice ideas in some parts.

Vocally the singer has a kind of deep screamed shout, somewhere between a growl and a higher scream. I suppose you could say it’s like a deeper, less fluid version of the type the Obituary singer uses. He, (the singer of Vulture Wings), has quite a good range for his style though, with deeper and higher variations being used as he sees fit.

As first releases go, this is quite a nice start for the band. It provides a decent old-school hit and should see good things for them in the future if they can continue to refine their songwriting and delivery.

A promising beginning.

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