Killing for Company – House of Hades (Review)

Killing for CompanyThis is the début album from Norwegian Death Metal band Killing for Company.

Killing for Company’s music seems like it has congealed from a pool of blood that’s seeped out of the corpse of old-school Death Metal. To get an idea of the band’s sound, think Bolt Thrower and Autopsy; mix this with a bit of, (old), Hypocrisy and then add in some atmosphere and coloured melody.

The songs are formed from a groovy, riff-heavy approach, in the old-school style. The riffs come thick and fast, heavy and chunky, and full of guitar-based hooks. Although they occasionally pick up the pace with a blast beat or faster bit here and there, the main bilk of the delivery is made up of variants of the mid-paced assault.

The band include a decent amount of melody in these songs with some tasty leads and solos. These parts complement the crushing rhythm guitars well and the fretwork on House of Hades is very satisfying as a result.

It’s clear that the band can write a decent song, and a lot of work has obviously gone into the 41 minutes on this release. The guitars especially are a highlight, as both rhythms and leads are structured and written to provide maximum flavour and enjoyment. Worship the riff!

I also like that subtle keyboards are included in select places on each song, as well as violin on one track, (Frontal Assault). These additional elements just add finishing touches to the music, making it more emotive and involved than would otherwise be the case.

The singer has a deep growl that perfectly encapsulates all that is good with Death Metal vocals. Added to everything else here it rounds Killing for Company’s Death Metal package off nicely.

House of Hades is a ridiculously strong old-school Death Metal album. The songs are well-written and full of memorable hooks and infectious catchiness. The keyboards add an unexpected level of emotive engagement and the entire album is extremely enjoyable.

Very highly recommended if you’re a fan of Death Metal.

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