Sonic Assault – Neon-Lit Metropolis (Review)

Sonic Assault - Neon-Lit MetropolisThis is the debut album from Swedish progressive thrash metal band Sonic Assault.

Sonic Assault’s music contains elements of hardcore, (primarily in the vocals), and black metal, but mostly the style is one of progressive/technical thrash, played with conviction and skill.

The band’s melodic aggression is quite enjoyable. The harsh vocals, twisting riffs, and pounding drums all sum up to a collection of tracks that mostly hit the mark. The band can clearly all play, and their technical abilities are considerable. Neon-Lit Metropolis is particularly effective when the songs are allowed to develop vast instrumental soundscapes of technical and progressive thrash; Sonic Assault do this very well, taking the listener on a journey into the band’s sci-fi world.

The music doesn’t always do what you expect it to, and I like that it takes a few stylistic detours here and there, sometimes at the drop of a hat. Early cut Voices is a great example of this, juxtaposing raging violence against slow, jazzy moments quite suddenly.

Across 56 minutes the band show off their capabilities quite convincingly. Although there’s definitely some rough edges to still be smoothed out, (and some to be sharpened to a killing point), Sonic Assault have demonstrated a lot of promise on their debut album, and I look forward to where they go next.

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