Affliktor – Affliktor (Review)

AffliktorAffliktor is a one-man black/thrash band from the US and this is his debut album.

This is blackened thrash with plenty of sharpness and bite. Think old-school black metal if it was mixed together with equally old-school Kreator.

Thrash and speed metal riffs are layered with a blackened sheen and classically rasped vocals. The latter really hammer home the impression of darkness that the music portrays, yet this is done through a focused delivery of blackened speed metal riffs rather than through the creation of atmospheric sections per se.

The guitar work on these songs is exemplary. There’s certainly a technical thrash dimension to this, and for relatively simplistic compositions and structures, (as the style demands), the music is actually quite complex and technically played overall. This is a refreshingly different aspect to this album that sets it apart from many other black/thrash hybrids, which usually have the playing as atavistic as the style itself.

I love a good guitar solo and this album is full of them. The molten guitar lines are a joy to listen to as they streak and spark out of the energetic music like things living.

Affliktor offers the listener a more technical and focused delivery of black/thrash than they might be used to, while still offering up the primitive and atavistic elements that the style is known for. It’s a great combination that’s definitely one less-heard. So get your teeth into this and see if it’s to your taste.

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