Polar – No Cure No Saviour (Review)

PolarThis is the third album by Polar, a UK Hardcore band.

Polar offer us 40 minutes of passionate music, tinged with elements of punk and post-hardcore delivery. It’s heavy and abrasive in parts, but not without subtlety or melody in others; it strikes the right balance between both.

As soon as the record starts it’s immediately apparent that this would go down a storm in the live environment. With riffs you can boogie and slam too, as well as enough weight to satisfy fans of the heavier end of the spectrum, Polar instantly make a good impression. This is merely reinforced the more the album progresses.

The singer has a charismatic shout that roars and bellows out from the music. He has good variety though, with less-harsh vocals appearing on occasion, providing a different aspect to the band. When things take a more melodic turn he has a very capable and emotive semi-clean style that packs in the emotion and power. It’s really effective and ten times better than if the band had included the standard sing-along commercial-friendly cleans that they could so easily have done.

The songs feature a good combination of hardcore fury and post-hardcore atmospherics, meaning that there’s a lot more to enjoy on this album than merely the heavy guitars. This is a comprehensive package and there’s a lot of content to enjoy across these 11 tracks. Polar are a band that clearly know how to include a large amount of substance alongside their evident style. No Cure No Saviour manages that rare feat of managing to have both initial impact and lasting longevity.

This is a very impressive record. I can’t recommend this highly enough for anyone into modern, emotive music that still knows how to crush and destroy when it wants to. It’s a dangerous combination that the band seem to have mastered with ease.

Check this out.

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