Boundaries – My Body in Bloom (Review)

Boundaries - My Body in BloomBoundaries are a metal/hardcore band from the US and this is their latest EP.

Boundaries are heavy. Like, crush your skull into a bloody pulp heavy. Add to this the fact that they can also write a good song, and you have a pretty damn satisfying EP.

My Body in Bloom reminds me of the type of stuff I used to listen to a lot in the early 00s. However, this has been updated for the present day, as you would expect. Metalcore and hardcore are the main styles focused on, but Boundaries manage to avoid the generic by not only playing these styles very well, but by also including other aspects here and there – technical, sludge, nu-metal, deathcore, melodic, and atmospheric elements can all be heard at one point or another.

I hear influences from bands such as Norma Jean, Polar, Born from Pain, Hatebreed, Harm’s Way, Darkest Hour, Slipknot, and many others. The end result is an energetic and lively 19 minutes of music that hits hard. This is music designed to get people moving in the live environment.

Boundaries still have ample room to further develop, (and you can hear where they have already started to do this), but My Body in Bloom is a well-formed and enjoyable release in its own right.

A recommended listen. If you’re into heavy, raging metalcore then this should be high on your list of releases to check out.

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