Heart of a Coward – The Disconnect (Review)

Heart of a Coward - The DisconnectThis is the fourth album from UK metalcore band Heart of a Coward.

Although Heart of a Coward are a well-known band in metalcore circles, and I’ve certainly been aware of them since they popped up and started making waves, this is my first actual exposure to one of their albums.

So what do we have here then? This is modern metalcore that also flirts with elements of the groove metal, technical metal, and djent styles. The songs mix aggressive energy with atmospheric/emotive choruses and occasionally throw in heavy breakdowns and/or technical workouts for good measure.

The vocals, (from the band’s new singer), are expressive and emotive, and display force when needed. He shouts and roars, (think a band like Architects), while also delivering quite emotive semi-cleans the likes of which bands such as Polar do so well. Occasionally he also busts out a purely cleanly sung section, which he has a really good voice for, (think Linkin Park).

As modern metal/metalcore albums go, The Disconnect is pretty damn good. It’s a high quality, well-written release, with surprising depth of delivery and songs that have plenty of catchiness and hooks built into them.

A recommended listen for anyone into modern heaviness.

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