Miserable Failure – Death March (Review)

Miserable Failure - Death MarchThis is the latest release from Miserable Failure, (or MSRBLFLR), a French death metal/grindcore band.

This enigmatic act have been quiet since 2017’s Alone, (at least with this project), but now they’re back with the beautifully adorned Death March. Containing just one 22-minute track, (made up of three named movements), this is a welcome return from this talented group. Continue reading “Miserable Failure – Death March (Review)”

Miserable Failure – Alone: The Phantom Pain – La Seule Vraie Question – Perdition Light/Never Stop the Sadness (Review)

Miserable Failure - AloneThis is the latest release from Miserable Failure, a French grindcore band.

After the tragic death of the band’s vocalist in 2016, I never thought I’d hear from Miserable Failure again. I’m very glad to be wrong, of course. It is a huge shame, however, that I’ve only just found this out; this release actually first saw the light of day in 2017 apparently. Continue reading “Miserable Failure – Alone: The Phantom Pain – La Seule Vraie Question – Perdition Light/Never Stop the Sadness (Review)”

Atara/Miserable Failure – Hang Them Split (Review)

AtaraThis is a split between French Grindcore bands Miserable Failure and Atara.

Atara are up first and they give us 6 tracks of Punk and groove influenced Grind.

These are enjoyable short, sharp adrenaline shots of modern Grind with Punk attitude and a touch of Nasum added in.

The singer is particularly acerbic and he heads the tracks here like the focal point of devastation.

Scathing vocals and a rounded, heavy sound that’s not overproduced means that the band shine filthily and so do the songs. Top work by Atara.

Miserable FailureWe’ve met Miserable Failure before with their last EP Hope. They continue to impress here with 8 tracks of furious Grind that mix the best of the extreme nature of Grindcore with the violence of modern Hardcore.

The utterly demented vocals are present and the music sounds just as unhinged. Slabs of distortion that pass themselves off as riffs crash into your skull and before you know it you’re left wondering what the hell just happened. And then, without warning, Miserable Failure loom in suddenly for the killing blow.

There’s no reason at all you shouldn’t get this. None whatsoever.

Miserable Failure – Hope (Review)

Miserable FailureThis is the brand new 4 track, 4 minute EP from Miserable Failure.

This is scathing Grind designed to attack and maim quickly and efficiently, with no wasted movements.

Short and to the point; each track goes for the throat with vigour and a rusty bite. It’s not all blast though as the band inject a bit of groove and hardcore-esque guitar into the tracks for a bit of added dynamics.

The vocals are mainly demented, high pitched vocal chord-scrapings that probably leaves the singer sucking throat sweets for hours after making the noises he makes. The deeper vocals are merely for added flavour.

Surely you can spend four minutes of your time to check out these worthy Grinders?