Monthly Overview – the Best of October 2018

So what do we have for you this month? What new batch of metal delights has been unleashed upon the world in October? Let’s find out…

Megaton Leviathan Mage

We’ll start with something beautiful in the shape of Mage by Megaton Leviathan. This stunning and transcendent record has a depth that most bands can only dream of attaining, and is an extremely compelling and addictive example of how to create individual music in 2018.

Nuclear Holocaust - Grinding Bombing Thrashing

From something beautiful to something rabid and ugly – Grinding Bombing Thrashing by Nuclear Holocaust. Now here’s a grindcore release that’s infected with punk and death metal influences in just the right amounts, resulting in a snarling collection of tracks that grind, bomb, and thrash all the way into your ripped open, bleeding heart.

Outre - Hollow Earth

October saw the release of the latest from Outre. Hollow Earth combines roaring aggression with sophisticated intensity to create an album that hits you hard, but then sets up home in your skull. Dark and gifted with a lethal malevolent grace, this album sees Outre continue to deliver the goods in no uncertain terms.

Striker - Play to Win

The latest Striker album – Play to Win – came out in October too, and is another solid slab of quality and enjoyable heavy metal. Full of catchy riffs and belted-out choruses, Play to Win is extremely hard to dislike. It’s all about the songs with Striker, and their latest album is full of them, all shiny, hook-laden, and satisfying.

Outer Heaven - Realms of Eternal Decay

Realms of Eternal Decay by Outer Heaven made a great impression with me. This is a band that play heavy, beefy, old-school death metal, and do so with the skill of veterans and the energy of the brutal fanatic. No filler, just top quality death metal know-how. This is one to stick on repeat and then just leave it there doing its thing.


We’ve more death metal for you now in the form of Deimos Sanktaurium by Vanhelgd. This is a band who are only getting better with every release, so I can’t recommend their latest album enough. Dark death metal with atmospheric substance and forlorn doom has rarely sounded as compelling as this does.

Eneferens - The Bleakness of Our Constant

Second to last on this month’s list is The Bleakness of Our Constant by Eneferens. This is atmospheric black metal of depth and thoughtful composition. This is an exceptional album, one which is highly affecting and full of enticing material. A first rate album on all fronts.

Behemoth - I Loved You at Your Darkest

And finally, how could we leave October without mentioning the return of the mighty Behemoth? I Loved You at Your Darkest has been worth the wait since their last release, showing creativity, style, substance, and dark atmosphere. The band’s blackened death metal is effortlessly displayed strongly here, and it’s a firm winner. A quality release from a quality band, it’s hard to ignore Behemoth’s new slab of extremity.

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