Xenobiotic – Prometheus (Review)

Xenobiotic - PrometheusXenobiotic are a deathcore band from Australia and this is their debut album.

Australians seem to know how to tear out some decent extreme metal, and Prometheus is a very enjoyable listen if you’re partial to modern heavy music. Yep, fans of Aversions Crown, Thy Art Is Murder, Fit for an Autopsy, and the like are advised to check this out.

This slab of gnarliness also features the guitarist of Earth Rot, which is another selling point. Continue reading

Interview with Aversions Crown

Aversions Crown Header

Xenocide, the latest album by Australian band Aversions Crown, is 50 minutes of the best kind of modern extremity. Fusing cutting-edge death metal with haunting atmospherics and a streamlined sophistication, the songs that make up this release are brutal, relentless and catchy enough to make it seem like getting your face ripped off over and over again is a good thing.

We talked to the band’s guitarist Mick Jeffery to get you in the mood for some of their ultra-brutality… Continue reading

Aversions Crown – Xenocide (Review)

Aversions CrownAversions Crown are a death metal band from Australia. This is their second album.

This is modern, sophisticated death metal with haunting atmospherics that accompany the relentless brutality. With a science fiction theme that provides an overarching story for the album, Aversions Crown spend 50 minutes telling a brutal and engaging tale. Continue reading