A Wake in Providence – Eternity (Review)

A Wake in Providence - EternityThis is the second album from US deathcore band A Wake in Providence.

The promo blurb states that this is for fans of bands like Osiah, Signs of the Swarm, and Aversions Crown, and who am I to disagree with that? Okay, well maybe a little. I’d mention bands like Lorna Shore, Mental Cruelty, and Worm Shepherd too, as A Wake in Providence Continue reading “A Wake in Providence – Eternity (Review)”

Osiah – Loss (Review)

Osiah - LossThis is the third album from UK deathcore band Osiah.

Following on from 2019’s crushing Kingdom of LiesLoss offers up 50 minutes of advanced-level deathcore. Yes, Osiah have levelled up.

These new songs mix the rampant Continue reading “Osiah – Loss (Review)”

Bound in Fear – Eternal (Review)

Bound in Fear - EternalThis is the latest EP from Bound in Fear, a deathcore band from the UK.

Eternal follows up 2019’s The Hand of Violence with a crushing 23 minutes of new material. Across five tracks the band once more demonstrate that they can Continue reading “Bound in Fear – Eternal (Review)”

Viscera – Obsidian (Review)

Viscera - ObsidianViscera are a deathcore band from the UK and this is their debut album.

Featuring ex-members of Sylosis, Heart of a Coward, Martyr Defiled, Nervecell, Surfaces, and Abhorrent Decimation, Obsidian contains 36 minutes of modern brutality. Continue reading “Viscera – Obsidian (Review)”

Osiah – Kingdom of Lies (Review)

Osiah - Kingdom of LiesThis is the second album from Osiah, a deathcore band from the UK.

Deathcore is a genre that is easy to get wrong. Far too many deathcore bands simply go through the motions of producing music, however passionately, but without ending up with anything that has any sort of real Continue reading “Osiah – Kingdom of Lies (Review)”